Bittersweet Brew (2018) – Korean Movie

The love of coffee takes one law school graduate to the countryside to become a barista!

Bittersweet Brew – 2017
스타박’스 다방

Directed by: Lee Sang-woo (이상우)

Starring: Baek Seong-hyeon (백성현), Seo Shin-ae (서신애), Lee Sang-ah (이상아)

The Film: Seong-du is a graduate of the prestigious Seoul National University Law School. Pretending to prepare for the Bar Exam at the insistence of his mother, Seong-du really just likes coffee. So to fulfill his dream, Seong-du pursues a path to become a barista and his new life begins. Against his mother’s wishes, Seong-du moves to the small coastal town of Samcheok where his aunt Ju-ran runs a small cafe, “Star Coffee House,” which they remodel and turn into “Starbucks Coffee House.” Will Seong-du’s wish to bring the fragrant aroma of coffee to a small country town come true?

Interest: Medium Expections: Low


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