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Former KARA member Park Gyu-ri and Seo Jun-young are brought together by a special cat in the upcoming film 'How to Break up with My Cat."...Read More

How to Break up with My Cat (어떻게 헤어질까)

  • Directed by: Cho Sung-kyu (조성규)
  • Starring: Seo Jun-young (서준영), Park Gyu-ri (박규리)
  • The Film: Nabi (Seo Jun-young) is training to be a sushi chef. When he moves in next door to Ejung (Park Gyu-ri), her cat ‘Yamma’ catches Nabi’s attention. Nabi has an extraordinary secret ability which allows him to see and even communicate with the cat’s soul. When Nabi begins take take care of Yamma at the request of Ejung, the two begin to be drawn closer together.

How to Break up with My Cat made its world premiere at this year’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival as part of the festival’s “Korean Fantastic: Features” section. I tried really hard to secure a ticket for this screening but wasn’t able to as it sold out extremely quickly. Most likely the interest for this film comes from the draw of its two leads: Seo Jun-young (서준영) has appeared in numerous television dramas and several indie films over the past decade while Park Gyu-ri (박규리) is the former member and leader of the K-Pop girl’s group ‘KARA’.


The vibe of the movie seems pretty mellow from the trailer and the cat element definitely adds some quirk, but I’m not expecting much overall. This will surely be adored by fans of the two leads. Please comment and share your thoughts on this movie if you see it! Expectations: Low Interest: Moderate


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