Hyeon’s Quartet (2017) – Korean Movie

Blending documentary and fiction to explore deeper truths.

Hyeon’s Quartet (나의 연기 워크샵)

Directed by: Ahn Seon-kyoung (안선경)

Starring: Kim So-hee (김소희), Lee Kwan-hun (이관헌), Kim Kang-eun (김강은), Sung Ho-jun (성호준), Seo Won-kyung (서원경)

The Film: Four aspiring actors with different personalities, Heon, Eun, Jun, and Kyeong, attend an acting workshop after watching the play, The Quartet. Each with their own dream in mind undergo a one month acting lesson from veteran actor Mi-rae. From their encounter with “acting”, they begin to asks endless questions about themselves like: “What am I hiding and what will be first to come out? What kind of person am I?” Will the four of them be able to find themselves through acting? The truth is, we all spend our entire lives acting.

Hyeon’s Quartet made its World Premiere at this year’s Busan International Film Festival and opens in selected theaters in Korea on December, 28th. A mixture of documentary and drama, the film explores how four people with no experience in acting discover how different acting is from what they originally thought.

Interest: Medium Expecations: Low

BIFF Interview with Director Ahn Seon-kyoung

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