Rough Cut – Mirage Entertainment, Limited Edition

The Korean gangster movie within a movie is headed our way in a nice edition.

Rough Cut (영화는 영화다) – 2008

  • Directed by: Jang Hoon (장훈)
  • Starring: So Ji-sub (소지섭), Kang Ji-hwan (강지환), Hong Soo-hyun (홍수현), Ko Chang-seok (고창석), Jang Hee-jin (장희진)
  • Synopsis: Gang-pae is a local organized crime leader who still wishes he could be in movies. Soo-ta is a haughty actor who is easy to provoke. Within his latest film, where he plays a gangster, he gets into the role too much and sends one of the stuntmen to the hospital. The two men meet by chance at a room salon and Soo-ta enlists Gang-pae to join the production. But this real life gangster will only join the production if the fights are real. The two main characters continue to try and one-up the other every chance they get. -Wikipedia
  • Blu-ray: Mirage Entertainment
  • Buy: Novamedia, KimchiDVD

Rough Cut (2008) is making its way to beautiful Blu-ray courtesy of Mirage Entertainment. The first film from Director Jang Hoon, who also directed The Front Line (2011) and Secret Reunion (2010), was praised for its excellent performances by So Ji-sub and Kang Ji-hwan as well as its smart script, based on an original story by Kim Ki-duk, which took home the Best Screenplay Award at the Daejon Film Awards (Grand Bell) which is the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards.


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