38th Blue Dragon Awards Winners (2017)

This years honors and awards went to the following films.

38th Blue Dragon Awards

The 38th Blue Dragon Awards ceremony was held on November 25th, 2017 in Seoul. This ceremony was presented by Sports Chosun to honor the past year’s popular blockbuster films. Here are some of the big winners!

Big Winners

                     Best Film                                         Best Director                           Best Supporting Actress                                                                    (Kim Heyon-suk)                                        (Kim So-jin)

Best Actor                                           Best Actress                                        Best Editing
  (Song Kang-ho)                                     (Na Moon-hee)                                    (Shin Min-Kyung)

                  Best Music
                (Jo Young-wook)

              Audience Award


Other Awards

   Cinematography & Lighting                       Best Screenplay                                      Art Direction
    (Jo Hyung-rae, Park Jung-woo)                     (Hwang Dong-hyuk)                                (Lee Hoo-kyung)


Best Supporting Actor                                                       Technical Award
      (Jin Seon-kyu)                                                                   (Kwon Gwi-duk)


New Talent Awards

   Best Actor (Do Kyung-soo)          Best Actress (Choi Hee-seo)        Best Director (Lee Hyeon-joo)


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